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A hunter who shares risque snaps of her kills has revealed she receives death threats over the “disgusting” photos.

The recently announced 2020 ban on kangaroo harvesting for the central zone will be “bloody devastating” to small western Queensland towns, according to roo shooter Alex Morris.

A well-placed source has advised me that there are moves afoot to ban straight pull firearms by ‘bracket creep’.

Feral-pig boss to be appointed amid threat of African swine fever. Hopefully common sense prevails and hunting and hunting access is considered as one of the many control methods that will need to be utilised.

Animal activists continue to be put on notice with a senior agriculture official stood down from her federal government position.

Ardern’s gun ban is going to create more armed criminals than disarm them, since she’s turning law-abiding gun owners into felons for simply maintaining possession of their legally acquired firearms.

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