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A monstrous boar takes out the 2017 Pig and Pussy Competition.

All of these murderous events will continue, whilst the emphasis is placed on disarming victims instead of protecting them. History of massacre's since 1996.

Thankfully common sense has prevailed after a farmer who confronted a would-be home intruder armed with a knife has been told he will not face charges.

Cats have become a huge problem across Australia. As more studies are undertaken the true extent of the damage these natural born killers are inflicting is alarming.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull says the massacre of more than 50 concert goers in Las Vegas shows Australia must remain “ever vigilant” to maintain its strict gun control laws.

Vegan activists were outraged when they discovered the Etica pizza shop in Adelaide had a taxidermied cow hanging from the roof of their newly established restaurant.

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