ANGRY FOX Weapon Mount

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Angry Fox magnetic temporary weapon torch etc mount.

This innovative and sturdy clamp mount is designed to be used to allow a high-powered LED torch or infra-red intensifier to be solidly, but temporarily mounted alongside, above or below riflescopes or night vision devices which are permanently mounted on a rifle. What is extremely useful about this mount is it sits on two very strong plastic-covered 50mm long magnets which sit on an open 90-degree wedge arrangement allowing instant non marring mounting on any iron/steel surface that is circular in cross section, e.g. rifle barrel or scope rings.

Its versatility is also further enhanced by the ability to adjust the interior diameter of the ring holding the torch or intensifier. This is achieved by use of a knurled threaded ring which pushes an alloy open wedge base to cradle the bottom of the accessories tube until it is firmly secured against the top and side of the mount ring. This adjustability is further aided by an additional 3mm synthetic rubber shim which also eliminates any scratching of the surface finish. Ask for them at your local gun shop or order it online at

The Angry Fox Weapons Mount is distributed in Australia by C.R. Kennedy Pty. Ltd.

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