Browning Centrefire Ammunition

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Browning BXC Ammunition
Browning BXC Ammunition

Browning Centrefire Ammunition isĀ  now in Australia and this week we are zeroing in on theirĀ BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip, which is designed specifically for use on Big Game like elk, moose, mule deer and bear, but it is equally applicable to big game species in Australia. like the bigger deer species, tough boars and buffalo. The Terminal Tip and bonded bullet design allows for deep penetration through thick, tough hide and bone. The brass tip, heavy bullet weight and boat-tail are integral components to delivering precision accuracy, maximum downrange velocity and long-range, on-target performance.

Below is the data for the .30-06 chambering in this ammunition:
Calibre 30-06sprg
Muzzle Velocity 2700fps
Weight 185gr
Bullet Type Controlled Expansion
Ballistic Co Eff. 0.484
Rounds Per Box 20
Rounds Per Case 200
At Distance 100yds
Velocity 2508fps
Energy 2583

Browning ammunition is distributed in Australia by Winchester Australia. You can check out more in the Browning ammunition range on their website at

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