Nosler Introduces the All-New 27 Nosler Cartridge

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Long known for making high quality hunting ammo, Nosler kicked off their line of proprietary cartridges back in 2013 when they introduced the 26 Nosler centerfire rifle cartridge.

Since then, they've continued that trend by introducing the 22 Nosler, the 28 Nosler, the 30 Nosler, and the 33 Nosler cartridges to the hunting and shooting worlds. Well, the company just formally introduced another member to the family: the 27 Nosler.

27 Nosler Cartridge

Each cartridge in the Nosler lineup is named in accordance with the first two digits of the bullet diameter it uses: .224" for the

22 Nosler, .264" for the 26 Nosler, .284" for the 28 Nosler, .308" for the 30 Nosler, and .338" for the 33 Nosler.

As the name states, the 27 Nosler uses .277" bullets like the legendary .270 Winchester as well as the newer 270 Winchester Short Magnum (270 WSM) and .270 Weatherby (270 Wby) cartridges.

Just like the other Nosler cartridges (with the exception of the 22 Nosler), the 27 Nosler uses a rebated rim case descended from the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum, which is itself descended from the .404 Jeffery. The result is a cartridge with a very large case capacity that still fits in a standard length rifle action.

Nosler advertises that the 27 Nosler case has approximately 43% more case capacity than the .270 Winchester, about 25% more case capacity than the 270 WSM, and about 12.5% more case capacity than the .270 Weatherby.Not surprisingly, this additional powder capacity translates into extra velocity, more kinetic energy, less wind drift, and a flatter trajectory when using the same bullets.

For instance, the chart below shows the stark contrast between the performance of the 27 Nosler and the other popular .277" cartridges.

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