Ask Uncle Nick

Does an off centre primer strike have any effect upon accuracy?

It had features never before seen on a lever-action - a detachable box magazine and a trigger that came a way with the lever.

It took 1- 1/2 grains more powder with the coated bullets to equal the pressure developed with the uncoated bullets.

I seek your advice on a series of reloading problems.

I rely on just one good load that's proved effective on everything from red stag to water buffalo, moose and grizzly bear.

I've found that both Re-22 and AR2213sc both work better than AR2209.

These balanced cams provide an 8.5 to 1 leverage for extraction and seating of a fresh round.

In several .270s, the Hornady 110gn PSP turned out to be the most accurate of all the light bullets.

BM 8208 is a small, short-grained stick powder specifically developed for varmint and benchrest cartridges.

The .222 Rem. Mag. has 20 percent more case capacity than the .223 and delivers 100-150 fps higher velocity.

Is there a barrel contour (octagon, fluted etc) that affords better accuracy?

I suggest you use Federal 205M primers in your .204. I've never had to resize the primer pockets in any cartridge I've reloaded for.

A: The internet is a veritable mine of misinformation on guns.

The action of your Remington rifle in .308 is too short to be rebarrelled to .257 Wby Magnum.

I am at a loss to explain why the 7mm WSM didn't become an outstanding success