Ask Uncle Nick

The 122gn Soviet round has a muzzle velocity of 2340fps and energy of 1483 ft/lbs

Why are my cases sooty?

I never found it necessary to crimp case necks as long as neck tension on the bullets was sufficient to resist recoil.

The .32 Winchester Special is a virtual ballistic twin to the .30-30 Winchester.

The Sako 85 is a fine rifle and renowned for its accuracy and performance.

The 6.5-284 Norma is my favourite cartridge in 6.5mm.

Choosing the .30-06 is never a mistake.

Every rifle is a law unto itself, not only as to the loads they'll digest, but dimensionally too.

There are disadvantages to using Magnum primers all the time.

Military loads fired a 480gn paper-patched, lead bullet at 1350fps.

Ghost ring sights are great for fast handling rifles in closer country.

Used with a 45gn bullet in the .22 Hornet, it gives about 150fps more velocity than factory rounds.

The short lever throw is faster to operate than on traditional leverguns

The CZ 457 Jaguar seems to have an unusually long 28" barrel.

if the rifling was given a left-hand twist for Northern latitudes, it would somewhat correct for C.A drift.

While it's true that a "crush" fit will eliminate excessive headspace and prolong case life, it can be a problem if it's overdone.