.22 Magnum Accuracy

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Q: I would like some information about the velocity and accuracy of the .22 Magnum. I wonder if any .22 Magnum ammo could be considered match-grade? I have a CZ ZKM 455 Varmint Evolution in .22 Magnum which will average around one-half inch at 100 yards for five shots with Winchester ammo. It groups into .75 inch with the 40gn JHP and .75 with both the 34gn JHP and 40gn FMJ. While no company offers a .22 WMR match-grade load, Winchester ammo is capable of excellent accuracy in my good CZ. What loads do you recommend for rabbits and foxes and larger animals?
Ray Jones

A: My beautiful CZ 452-2E ZKM American topped with a Zeiss Diatal-C 6x scope is also very accurate and can be depended upon to group five shots in one-inch at 100yd. There are no match loads for the .22 WMR which is not rated a target

CCI 30gn .22 Magnum ammo
CCI 30gn .22 Magnum ammo

cartridge. I seldom shoot rabbits with mine and only take head shots. For foxes the 34gn JHP is very effective out to 125 yards. I found the 40gn hollow points are hopeless on goats, they knock them down, but don't penetrate their thick skulls, so they get up and run off. Nowadays I use the Winchester 40gn FMJ for pigs and goats and when I can't get a head shot, shoot them in the chest. They only manage to walk away 20 or 30 yards before they fall over. 

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