A Varmint Bullet For The .270

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.270 Win loaded with 90gn Sierra Varminter
.270 Win loaded with 90gn Sierra Varminter-image M. O'Dean

Q: I've been using the 90gn Sierra H.P bullet in my Remington Model 700 without the slightest sign of any fliers or instability. The load I've been using (62.5gn of Re-19) shoots very flat and has provided excellent results on dingoes out to 300-plus metres. The problem is that I have been unable to get any Re-19, but have managed to buy two cans of AR2209 which the gun shop owner said would equal the performance of Re-19. If this is true, could you suggest a load for this powder?
Gary Fenton

A: Your old load of 62.5gn of Re-19 would have driven the 90gn Sierra H.P at about 3500fps. A 60gn charge of AR2209 should deliver the same velocity, but as always work up from 58gn one grain at a time. The maximum charge is listed as being 62gn.

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