Air Rifle Scopes

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Question: I recently purchased a Diana 350 Magnum air rifle for casual target work, plinking and small game hunting. I sighted the rifle in over a benchrest at 25 metres, but was sorely disappointed in the accuracy. I have determined the cause of the problem lies in the scope. Turning the adjustment turrets doesn’t always shift the point of impact and if I shake it, it rattles. Evidently, something has become loose inside. I’m in the market for a moderately priced scope, but read an article of yours where you said that the recoil of a spring-piston rifle is different from a cartridge rifle and can wreck a scope. Will a standard riflescope withstand the recoil of a pellet gun or must I buy a scope designed specifically for use on an air rifle? 

– Dudley Hughes

A You are correct in thinking that the double recoil of your air rifle has wrecked your scope, especially if its is a cheap one. Powerful spring-piston air rifles send recoil forward along with heavy vibration. Both Leapers and Nikko-Stirling list special airgun scopes with rugged construction and adjustable objectives which enable you to focus down to 10 metres for the close ranges that air rifles are usually shot at. In addition, a heavy-duty scope mount with an anchor stop is necessary to hold the scope in place. Proper airgun mounts and scopes should be available through your local gun shop.



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