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Modern rifle design Ruger American

Q: I note that there are a number of rifles available today which are strong, accurate and affordable. However, most of them do not have controlled-round feed, which I am told is essential on a big game rifle. Why is this?

Rob Burke

A: Today’s production rifles are quite attractive in terms of their prices. Production costs are solely responsible for the absence of such things as controlled-round feed, coned breeches, integral recoil lugs and long Mauser-type claw extractors. Also, many have a one-diameter bolt which is bulky and heavy but easy to machine, and a blanked recoil lug sandwiched between the receiver ring and barrel shank. 

These new rifles are very accurate, dependable and smooth functioning, certainly adequate for hunting under normal conditions, as has been demonstrated on countless occasions, especially if the game being hunted is not eager to kill and eat you. 

I have carried Remington 700 rifles (which led the charge to cheaper rifles) all over the world and found they gave completely satisfactory performance even on dangerous game.

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