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Double-set trigger

I recently bought a secondhand Brno Model 21 7x57 with double-set triggers, 565mm barrel, and butter-knife bolt handle, made in the 1950s. Like you, I detest double-set triggers, which leave a lot to be desired if the heavy front trigger is used on running game. Can this be changed? Are there any aftermarket triggers like the Canjar which can be fitted to my rifle?

– Larry Dennis

To answer your query I consulted my friendly neighbourhood gunsmith who has had a lot of experience with European rifles. He says fitting an aftermarket trigger is going to be a lot more complicated than simply exchanging a military M98 trigger with a Canjar. This said, many commercial Mauser-type rifles can be fitted with modern adjustable triggers, eliminating the double-set mechanism. You may strike a problem if the set triggers are fitted directly into the trigger guard instead of being mounted on a separate plate, pinned or screwed into the guard's frame.

If a separate plate is used with your trigger guard, it can be removed along with the sear and trigger ‘kick-off'. If the trigger guard has the trigger parts pinned directly in place you will either need to change the trigger guard unit or machine-cut a slot for the new trigger to go through. It may be necessary to modify the inletting in the stock to accept the trigger housing. 

It is definitely a job for a good gunsmith.

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