Ask Uncle Nick

Its sectional density of .250 compares closely with those of the following calibres and weights: (see article)

Neither neck reaming or turning will be necessary. Cases will not need fireforming,

Winchester departed from Page's suggestions regarding neck length and shoulder angle.

Does an off centre primer strike have any effect upon accuracy?

It had features never before seen on a lever-action - a detachable box magazine and a trigger that came a way with the lever.

It took 1- 1/2 grains more powder with the coated bullets to equal the pressure developed with the uncoated bullets.

I seek your advice on a series of reloading problems.

I rely on just one good load that's proved effective on everything from red stag to water buffalo, moose and grizzly bear.

I've found that both Re-22 and AR2213sc both work better than AR2209.

These balanced cams provide an 8.5 to 1 leverage for extraction and seating of a fresh round.

In several .270s, the Hornady 110gn PSP turned out to be the most accurate of all the light bullets.

BM 8208 is a small, short-grained stick powder specifically developed for varmint and benchrest cartridges.

The .222 Rem. Mag. has 20 percent more case capacity than the .223 and delivers 100-150 fps higher velocity.

Is there a barrel contour (octagon, fluted etc) that affords better accuracy?

I suggest you use Federal 205M primers in your .204. I've never had to resize the primer pockets in any cartridge I've reloaded for.