Ask Uncle Nick

It was designed by legendary U.S high power shooter David Tubb to duplicate the performance of the .243 Win., but with none of that cartridge's drawbacks.

I've found 10x to be even better for distinguishing an animal through bush.

Most of the guys who write that stuff have never even owned one and are just parroting what some other know-nothing wrote.

There's not a lot of difference in the performance of the .308 and .30-06.

My .204 grouped five shots into .75” with factory ammo but got down to .128” with my reloads.

Hornet cases are very thin and crumple easily.

You are right when you said it would take a fair bit of gunsmithing - in fact a helluva lot.

You'll glass literally thousands of deer. The rut takes place in late July/early August.

Alas, you'll need more than one spare extractor if you keep using steel cases.

The .450 Marlin cartridge and rifle proved very effective against dangerous game.

I suggest using the 150gn Speer with 50gn of AR2209 for 2500fps. This will handle red stag with a well-placed shot.

The .300 WSM has about 10 percent less capacity than the .300 Win. Mag . but achieves the same velocity with less powder.

Modern rifles are much more accurate than those of yesteryear and factory ammo is hard to better with handloads.

The deer is hoisted in stages by lifting each leg of the tripod in turn until it is fully extended and the deer is clear of the ground.

The danger can exist in any of the magnum cases from .257 up through about .300.