Ask Uncle Nick

BM 8208 is a small, short-grained stick powder specifically developed for varmint and benchrest cartridges.

The .222 Rem. Mag. has 20 percent more case capacity than the .223 and delivers 100-150 fps higher velocity.

Is there a barrel contour (octagon, fluted etc) that affords better accuracy?

I suggest you use Federal 205M primers in your .204. I've never had to resize the primer pockets in any cartridge I've reloaded for.

A: The internet is a veritable mine of misinformation on guns.

The action of your Remington rifle in .308 is too short to be rebarrelled to .257 Wby Magnum.

I am at a loss to explain why the 7mm WSM didn't become an outstanding success

The .280 AI gives magnum performance in a standard rimless case and I'd rate it as Ackley's finest wildcat.

The .458 should really ream out the largest boar from stem to stern.

the 250gn Speer and 78gn for 2487fps to 83gn for 2784fps.

Forming cases is as easy as falling off a log. Simply run 7mm SAUM cases into a full length die, trim to 2.025" and deburr case mouths inside and out. There's no need to ream or turn case necks.

Chamber throats and leades vary tremendously.

Any damage to the bullet's base, however, does have an adverse effect upon accuracy.

Under favourable conditions, they often kill deer cleanly enough, but conditions are not always favourable in the field.

A double group is usually a sign that something is loose.