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Tikka T3x Lite
Tikka T3x Lite

Q: I am about to purchase a new Tikka T3 Hunter in 6.5x55mm calibre and would appreciate your comments about this rifle and cartridge? I will be using it for centrefire at my local SSAA club, and also for hunting feral goats, pigs and an occasional deer. Could you suggest loads for two or three different projectiles suited for the above mentioned game? As this is a new rifle, do I need to follow a particular course of action to sight the rifle in? It will be bore-sighted by the dealer.
Don Olifent

A: I just finished testing one of the new Tikka T3x rifles in.25-06 and found it very accurate. The 6.5x55 Swede is a fine all-around cartridge for game like goats, pigs and deer. Years ago I customized a Mauser 96 in 6.5x55 and shot a number of deer with it. Another time I used a Husqvarna rifle in 6.5x55 to kill five moose in Sweden with the Norma 139gn factory load. You'll probably only need one good load for the game you list, but I'll give you some loads that served me well in my M96. Hornady 100gn 42gn AR2208 2950fps; Sierra 120gn 46gn AR2209 2824fps; Woodleigh 140gn PP SN 44gn AR2209 2635fps. As always work up from two grains below.

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