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Q: I just had my old BSA .308 Winchester rebarreled for the .25 Souper. I have dies for it and have necked down 100 cases and trimmed them to length. Have you ever worked with this wildcat? If so, could you suggest some loads for varmints and medium game up to the size of fallow bucks? The barrel is 23" long and I asked for a long throat.
Kit Dayley

A: The .25 Souper is based on a necked down .308 Winchester case and ballistics should

.25 Souper Wildcat Cartridge
.25 Souper Wildcat Cartridge

equal the .257 Roberts. I played with a Mauser with 23" barrel many years ago. My loads: Sierra 75gn 43gn AR2208 3416 fps; Sierra 87gn SBT 47gn AR2209 3280fps; Nosler 100gn 47gn AR2209 3197fps; Hornady 117gn 4gn AR2209 2965 fps; and Speer 120gn 43gn AR2209 2945fps. The .25 Souper is a fine little cartridge and adequate for most of our deer species in the hands of a good, careful marksman.

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