Making 8x57mm Cases From .30-06 Brass

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8mm & .30-06 cartridges SXS
8mm & .30-06 cartridges SXS

Q: I have just acquired a German K98 Mauser in 8x57mm which is quite accurate. I want to use it in military rifle competition, but I've found that 8x57mm brass is a scarce as hens teeth, and very expensive when available. I'd like to form them from .30-06 brass of which I have plenty. Would cases formed in this manner require fireforming? Would neck wall thickness of the formed cases be excessive and require reaming or turning?

Archie Thomas

A: The 8x57mm Mauser case is easily formed by simply running a .30-06 case through an 8x57mm full length resizing die and then trimming to an overall length of 57mm. Since you will be removing only about 5mm of length during trimming, neither neck reaming or turning will be necessary. Cases will not need fireforming, but for the best results only new, unfired .30-06 brass should be used.

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