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Muzzle brake blast

Q: I notice that a good many rifles, even medium calibre ones, come with a threaded muzzle together with a muzzle brake and cap (thread protector). I have my doubts whether these rifles really require a brake? My gunsmith suggested I have a brake fitted to my .338 Win. Mag, but I would be concerned about hearing loss. What's your opinion about this?
Will Barnet

I wouldn't have a muzzle brake on any of my guns, even though I did have one on my .416 Taylor years ago and it worked really well, reducing recoil to about that of a .30-06. But I'd have taken it off and fitted a cap if I was taking it

hunting. I don't consider a muzzle brake an absolute necessity on a rifle in .338, unless its owner is not accustomed to shooting powerful rifles. To state my opinion bluntly I wouldn't have a brake on any of my rifles. I've heard the muzzle brake described as being a "holey tube" but I'd call it an "unholy tube”



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