Nosler Partition Versus Barnes X-Bullet

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Nosler Partition vs Barnes TSX

Q: I intend to hunt in Alaska now that the planes are starting to flying again. I will take my Winchester Model 70 in .338 Winchester Magnum for use on brown bear and moose. I want to shoot reloaded ammo and have been advised to use the 225gn Nosler Partition bullet, but would appreciate your advice. Which bullet would you recommend? Can you give me a good load for your choice?

– Gavin Bolte

A: I enjoyed great success on my Alaskan hunt using Barnes 225gn TSX. My past experience with the Nosler Partition in Africa turned me off it. On impact they shed the front section, lost half their weight and lacked penetration. The tip of the Barnes TSX expanded nicely and the bullet nearly always achieved complete penetration, which is how I like it. Try to work up to 70gn of AR2213sc behind the 225gn Barnes, which should drive it at about 2700fps.

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