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Swarovski Habicht Riflescopes

Q: I noticed you have mounted one of the older Swarovski A-Line series 3-10x42 scopes on your new Browning X-Bolt in 26 Nosler, and that you have several 3-9x40 A-Lines on your other personal rifles. Can you tell me what the specs are for the 3-10x42 and why you don't get more up-to-date higher-range Swarovskis?

Bruce Anderson

A: The old 3-10x42 A-line has a power range of 3.3 to 10x, a wide field of view (33 to 11.7ft at 100yds), an exit pupil of 12.6 to 4.2mm, eye relief of 3.5 inches and a twilight factor of from 9 to 21. The reticle is located in the second image plane, and the scope weighs 13.6 ounces and measures 12.4 inches long. That particular model was introduced in 2004, mine was second-hand but as new. I like these A-lines because they are compact, light and optically excellent. I don't need any more magnification for game over normal field ranges out to 400yds. If by "more up-to-date) you mean a larger 30mm tube, extra weight, and higher magnification - I'll pass. My X-Bolt weighs just 8.25lbs all-up and I sure don't want any more weight and bulk to carry over hill and dale at my age.

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