Reloading the .303 British

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I have a very accurate SMLE rifle which has been sporterised by fitting a synthetic stock and attaching a Leupold 2-7x scope. I have bought a set of dies and want some advice on reloading for it. Do you have any loading data available for 125 and 150gn .303 bullets? Are 125s the lightest bullet you can get for use in a .303? What are the ballistics of these two? Would it be possible to drive the 125gn bullet at 2800 to 2900fps? I have a number of different powders on hand - W-748, W-760, Reloder 15, AR2206H and AR2208.
– Joel Griffiths

Back in 1991 I had a .303 Sporter just like yours. Checking my log I find that 46gn of AR2208 drove the 125gn Speer bullet at 2800fps; and 43gn of AR2208 got the 150 grainer out of the muzzle at 2663fps. If you must use a lighter bullet, the 100gn Speer 30-calibre Plinker bullet can be driven at over 2900fps ahead of 48gn of AR2208. All of these loads proved safe in my rifle, but I could never achieve very good accuracy with the 100gn Plinker.

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