Were I Limited To Only One Gun ..

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Q: If you were limited to only one gun what would it be? What kind of action, stock, calibre, metal finish? What kind of scope?

Errol King


A: You want to know if I wanted to own just one rifle for all around use, what features I would want. The action would be blued steel rather than stainless, either the latest Model 70 Winchester or Mark X Mauser with controlled-round feed that I prefer, having cut my teeth on Mausers. The barrel would also be blued steel, 24" in length and free-floated. The calibre would be either .270 or .300 Weatherby Magnum. The sighting system would be a high-quality variable power scope in the 2-1/2-8x or 3-9x40 range - certainly no larger- cradled in a Leupold 2-piece Q/R mount. This rifle would be fitted with decent leather carrying sling and weigh all-up about 8lbs. And I’d probably use just one good load for every kind of game - a 150gn bullet in .270 or a 180gn in the .300 Wby Mag. But in deference to all the shooters who are dazzled by the latest Super Magnums and 8-50x variable - power scopes, I apologise for my being just a simple country boy with very ordinary tastes.


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