Ask Uncle Nick

The .450 Marlin cartridge and rifle proved very effective against dangerous game.

I suggest using the 150gn Speer with 50gn of AR2209 for 2500fps. This will handle red stag with a well-placed shot.

The .300 WSM has about 10 percent less capacity than the .300 Win. Mag . but achieves the same velocity with less powder.

Modern rifles are much more accurate than those of yesteryear and factory ammo is hard to better with handloads.

The deer is hoisted in stages by lifting each leg of the tripod in turn until it is fully extended and the deer is clear of the ground.

The danger can exist in any of the magnum cases from .257 up through about .300.

Most benchresters who are the world's fussiest handloaders, use hand-held straightline tools exclusively.

The 165gn delivers around 200 ft/lbs less energy at 400yds. than the 180gn in the .300 Win. Mag.

The fact is that the .25gn .17 bullet has the low ballistic coefficient.

The Russians did a good job when they designed the 7.62x39mm.

... and if you find you can shoot it well, make sure you get a scope with really long eye relief.

How much do the European pigs differ from the ones we have here in Oz?

I just finished testing one of the new Tikka T3x rifles in.25-06 and found it very accurate.

Most propellent powders have a pressure range at which they burn best.

"7.62" is the metric diameter of the bore of the barrel and "51" is the length of the brass case without the bullet.