Ask Uncle Nick

I call it an "unholy tube".

Most barrels chambered for the .303 Savage are .308" groove diameter but some are as large as .310" requiring the use of .311" bullets.

What was the first 7mm Magnum?

Barnes 225gn TSX at 3016fps dropped running moose in mid-stride. A 220 grainer at 3200fps can reach way out yonder for deer.

When this seal begins to fail (flow), it is a sign that you've reached a maximum load.

I have traced Carl Zeiss illuminated reticles back 100 years to 1921.

Which Calibre For Alaska?

The only way to get around this is to load 45gn bullets for it.

Pushing the switch forward to "Fire" completes the circuit, allowing electricity to flow from the battery through the safety and to the trigger.

Quick Release scope mounts for a Ruger No 1.

Could you suggest a powder and loads for my 1886 BSA Martini-Henry Mk III in .577/450?

I owned a Mauser rifle in 9.3x62mm for many years and used it successfully hunting in Canada.

The 122gn Soviet round has a muzzle velocity of 2340fps and energy of 1483 ft/lbs

Why are my cases sooty?

I never found it necessary to crimp case necks as long as neck tension on the bullets was sufficient to resist recoil.

The .32 Winchester Special is a virtual ballistic twin to the .30-30 Winchester.