Ask Uncle Nick

If you are a careful hunter who can place his shots in a vital area and doesn't try to shoot game 500 yards away you should get along just fine.

Even though the neck wall becomes thinner all the way around, one side is still thicker than the other.

The little carbine is lightweight and its short overall length of 990mm and 6x Pecar scope make it a handy-dandy varmint outfit.

The Hornady 350gn round-nose won the contest by penetrating deeper and retaining more of its original weight.

The Heym SR30 bolt-action rifle uses an innovative locking system consisting of six steel ball bearings on the bolt head.

A compensator is designed to reduce muzzle rise when guns are fired by diverting gases upward to push the muzzle downward.

Maximum range of shot pellets varies with pellet mass and velocity.

The calibre would be either .270 or .300 Weatherby Magnum.

Never use a burning rate chart for developing handloads.

If I were you, I'd forget about a .338 wildcat on the 8mm Rem. Mag. case.

The headspace is easily corrected by installing a longer bolt head.

The .22 Nosler is capable of driving 60gn bullets at 3250fps.

But the .30-06 offers an even bigger advantage with 180gn bullets to be used on big game.

I can assure you that the Mossberg action is plenty strong enough to handle the 33 Nosler.

You don't say if you are shooting factory ammo or a handload?