Ask Uncle Nick

Military loads fired a 480gn paper-patched, lead bullet at 1350fps.

Ghost ring sights are great for fast handling rifles in closer country.

Used with a 45gn bullet in the .22 Hornet, it gives about 150fps more velocity than factory rounds.

The short lever throw is faster to operate than on traditional leverguns

The CZ 457 Jaguar seems to have an unusually long 28" barrel.

if the rifling was given a left-hand twist for Northern latitudes, it would somewhat correct for C.A drift.

While it's true that a "crush" fit will eliminate excessive headspace and prolong case life, it can be a problem if it's overdone.

The body grooves on Barnes Triple Shock bullets reduce the frictional effects.

Most of the time, it's where you hit 'em, not what you hit 'em with!

I don't need any more magnification for game over normal field ranges out to 400yds.

Are you aware that Lapua brass uses small rifle primers?

At longer ranges, or any for that matter, there is almost a 5-percent error between inches and MoA

There's really no such thing as overkill.

Oh, I just love the advice given by "a guy at the range."

As late as 2016 Norma was still making factory loads under the European designation of 5.6x52R.

The higher velocities achieved with the larger .25-06 and .257Weatherby are achieved at the cost of much heavier charges.