Ask Uncle Nick

Any damage to the bullet's base, however, does have an adverse effect upon accuracy.

Under favourable conditions, they often kill deer cleanly enough, but conditions are not always favourable in the field.

A double group is usually a sign that something is loose.

How would you rate the Hornady SST, Barnes TSX BT, Remington AccuTip BT and the various Winchester loads?

If I were you, I'd not shoot the rifle but it would be of some collector interest.

The fat body, short neck and sharp shoulder of the .284 Winchester account for the sizable capacity. It's a great design that offers .280 Rem. performance from a short action rifle.

It was designed by legendary U.S high power shooter David Tubb to duplicate the performance of the .243 Win., but with none of that cartridge's drawbacks.

I've found 10x to be even better for distinguishing an animal through bush.

Most of the guys who write that stuff have never even owned one and are just parroting what some other know-nothing wrote.

There's not a lot of difference in the performance of the .308 and .30-06.

My .204 grouped five shots into .75” with factory ammo but got down to .128” with my reloads.

Hornet cases are very thin and crumple easily.

You are right when you said it would take a fair bit of gunsmithing - in fact a helluva lot.

You'll glass literally thousands of deer. The rut takes place in late July/early August.

Alas, you'll need more than one spare extractor if you keep using steel cases.