There are no match loads for the .22 WMR which is not rated a target cartridge.

The T-Bolt I tested in .17 HMR would consistently group five rounds of Hornady ammo well inside 1/2-inch at 50 yards.

n the case of the .303 British and .45-70 there is no problem because the .303 works at higher pressure.

This is why NATO-spec ammo is not safe for use in a standard .223 rifle.

In the .45-70 with 405gn cast bullet the maximum load of 13gn which is pretty much a case full, yields 1000fps.

For your kind of target shooting you'll need a good quality bullet.

The Model 504 was undoubtedly the finest .22 rimfire rifle ever made by Remington

The bonded core ensures high weight retention at high impact velocities and the polymer tip aids expansion at low impact velocities for maximum tissue damage.

Careful full-length resizing of the cases is necessary when the loaded rounds are to be used in a minimum dimension chamber.

Almost any 150gn bullet intended for the .30-30 performs ideally on deer-size game.

Some cannelure tools available to the reloader roll a very sharp-edged groove into the jacket and if it is too deep it can weaken the jacket.

... but that was enough for me to prefer the .375 Ruger.

The bullet takes .24 second to reach the deer and you'd need to lead him by 10-12 feet.

A: There's an obvious reason for the differences in velocity. The most obvious one is barrel length.

They were some of the finest sporting rifles ever made.

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