Babes & Boars

Boars and Babes is back for 2017

Emily Hyder with a 70kg pig.

Tamika & Shenae rattle a few razorbacks in the tropics of North Queensland.

Erin Denmead gets stuck into the tusky boars and bags nearly 50 hogs in three days!

Miss Bacon Buster 2014 contender Bianca with a beaut boar.

Stunning Sam Mahoney with her Brash Boar!

Penny Edwards steps up with more boars under her belt!

WA's Kerin Dutton with a tusky boar.

Jenna's boar: 'Babe gets the Chop in Cape York'

Letitia takes her pup hunting and comes up with some excellent pigs.

Natalie gets amongst the hogs of a night.

Alysa and her partner caught this 120kg boar.