Utilizing disposable fuel cannisters, this little unit is capable of Flash boiling water in under 100 seconds.

Swarovski's latest release pushes the boundaries of binocular field of view.

I ensure its integral rechargeable Li-ion battery is always fully charged via the USB port on the dash.

Spika offer a range of well-priced knives for a variety of other applications.

The compact design also makes Axion the perfect thermal imaging monocular for scouting and spotting.

The Clay Cannon is the first ever hand-held clay pigeon launcher that will throw a mix of clay pigeons at one time in almost any direction you aim.

Features a zip-up, larger than normal outer compartment with two internal zip-up compartments for storage of ammo, rifle bolt, targets and other essentials.

The Boly 4G model M984G-36M offers 36MP images and the option of 720 or full HD1080 video resolution.

Sometimes a store-boughtknife deserves better than a nylon pouch.

Made of a strong steel design and capable of supporting up to 150kg the Stretcher features a quick-fold design that is very sturdy and steady.

They are available in 4-16 x 50 and 6-24 x 50mm.

The eTrex 10 allows me to add waypoints and offers a trail to where I’m going and back again.

The Ruger Wrangler has a cold hammer-forged barrel with ultra-precise rifling for exceptional accuracy.

Osprey also produce a full range of shotgun and rimfire ammo belts, butt stock ammo holders, gun bags, shooting vests, hunting knives and more.

Luckily for me I didn’t even have to remove the tyre from the vehicle.

The new ZP-1 will no doubt enhance shooting accuracy by providing a third point of contact and hence stabilise the firearm when aiming.