ATA Gun Cleaning Kits

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ATA Cleaning Kit
ATA Cleaning Kit

ATA cleaning kits are very well priced and have been around for many years. Some may remember them packaged in a colour coded plastic sleeve and available for .22, .17, .177 air guns, 12 gauge and .30 cal. In fact, I had one for my .22 but somehow managed to misplace it. So, I recently purchased another as the .22 needed some urgent maintenance.


The Good news is that ATA have upgraded their packaging to include a well presented aluminium case with clear, Perspex lid and ample room to add a few spare brushes if required. The .22 kit includes a 3-piece brass rod with swivel handle and male threaded brushes including a brass scrubbing brush, a steel spiral brush and cotton mop. Add to this, a bottle of gun oil and roll of cleaning patches and my .22 looks and shoots a lot better.


Kit contents, however, may vary slightly depending on what calibre cleaning kit you choose. For example the .30 cal. kit includes a jag and the 12 gauge has different brushes. I’m also told that standard gun oil is included for all kits except the .177 air gun kit which includes silicon oil, which is more suited for airguns. Ask to see the range of ATA Cleaning Kits at your local gun shop. Ask for them at your local gun shop. Trade enquiries contact Alcock & Pierce Pty. Ltd.

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