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While Spika offer a large selection of gun maintenance products including cleaning kits, rods, brushes, patches and more, they are also Australian agents for Brunox gun care products. One such product is their Brunox Turbo Spray now available here in Australia in a 100 or 300ml spray pack. Turbo Spray is designed to clean and lubricate while displacing humidity and protecting against rust and corrosion. It also features excellent penetrating properties while forming a protection film that won’t harden or resign over time but more so protect and lubricate.

Turbo Spray does not contain silicon or graphite but features Tuboline for smooth movement of all parts including actions. In addition, it won’t harm wood, rubber or plastic.

Also available is their Lub & Cor available in an aerosol spray pack or oil dropper. Brunox Lub & Cor offers maximum protection to all metal parts and also excellent for semi-auto’s, triggers and breechblocks. Lob & Cor oil is available in a 100ml dripper bottle or 400ml aerosol can. Ask for Brunox oils at your local gun shop or visit



Brunox Turbo Spray
Brunox Turbo Spray



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