BRUNOX Turbo Spray and Lub & Cor BRUNOX

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BRUNOX TURBO SPRAY AND LUB & COR BRUNOX is the ultimate when it comes to firearm cleaning and lubricating, and Spika is the exclusive distributor of Brunox Oils & Lubricants in Australia and New Zealand.

Made in Switzerland, BRUNOX® Turbo-Spray & LUB & COR are the market leaders and are the top choice of gun oils and cleaners in Europe. BRUNOX.

Turbo-Spray is an all-in-one solution, used as a lubricant, corrosion protector, contact spray, penetrating oil and cleaning spray.

Turbo-Spray protects from rust and is ideal for cleaning out grit without the need to remove before use.

Turbo-Spray leaves no residue and is silicon, PTFE and graphite free. BRUNOX LUB & COR Is a high-tech long-term corrosion inhibitor and lubricant. Free of nano-particles, silicon, PTFE, acids and leaves no residue.

LUB & COR® is great for the maintenance, care and lubrication of trigger and breech block. Your gun is always immediately ready to shoot. LUB & COR is long lasting and can be stored for long periods.

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