BUSHMAN Insect Repellent

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Bushman Insect Repellent Range
Bushman Insect Repellent Range

Bushman Repellent is a tried and tested product that’s owned and manufactured right here in Australia. In fact, I have review and tested the range over the years which includes roll-on’s, pump sprays, aerosols and even dry gels. I remember speaking with its original founder Tom Bethurem some years ago who was based in tropical Queensland and formulated the product back in the 90’s.

What’s special about the bushman range is the fact it contains Deet, developed back in the early 40’s for use by the US Military and proven to be very effective and extremely safe to use. These days it’s used in their full range of product, originally tried and tested in the harshest conditions of North Queensland’s swamps and the outback. Bushman’s insect repellent range works on mozzies, sand flies, ticks, fleas and leeches. The range is available in several different percentages of Deet content to reflect its strength and use. These include 20, 40 and even 80% Deet with protection from 7-15 hours, some with sunscreen.

Bushman is water, sweat and rub resistant with a pleasant, neutral odour, in fact I’ve tried and tested their range in Cape York and the Northern Territory over the years and found it worked extremely well. The Bushman range repellent is now being distributed to gun shops here in Australia by TSA Outdoors. Ask for it at your local gun shop.

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