Clearview Towing Mirrors

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Clearview Towing Mirror
Clearview Towing Mirror

Whether you’re towing a boat, camper or trailer load of camping gear including the quad bike, it’s important you can see what’s going on behind you, particularly if changing lanes, cornering or reversing. ARB offers the next generation of towing mirrors featuring the same strength characteristics as the original mirror but with smaller profile. What’s different you may ask, well, the Next Gen Mirror’s compact design sits close to your vehicle while the double telescopic steel arm is extendable to three positions for greater visibility, depending on your driving or towing situation.
Set it to the ‘normal’ position so it remains unobtrusive during your daily commute, or extend the full 180mm for complete vision and confidence when you’ve got your boat, trailer or caravan in tow. Available in textured black, gloss black or chrome, I’m told these mirrors will attach to your original vehicle mirror mounts and are easy to install. For further details visit or see them at your local ARB outlet.

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