Pulsar Digisight N 850/ 870 LRF

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Pulsar's Digisight N850/970 LRF

The only Night Vision Riflescope with built in LRF

In a leap forward for non-military use night vision, Extravision Austrlalia is now marketing this remarkable optic for Australian feral pest controllers. Check out the performance of this amazing sight in this youtube video recorded by our friend Goran Pehar.

Its extensive feature list includes:

· Day/night operation
· Long detection range-out to 600 metre depending on model
· Very sensitive CCD array
· Laser IR with three power levels
· LRF out to 400 metres
· 3-shot zero function
· Three rifle zero distance memory
· 67mm eye relief
· Shockproof to 6000 joules = .375H&H
· 13 selectable reticles-4 colour choices
· 13mm click value @ 100 metres
· Watreproof IPX7
· wireless remote control
· Long battery life/external power supply
· Video out socket for recording
· Silent operation
· 3-year warranty

Distributed in Australia by Extravision www.extravision.com.au

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