PULSAR Thermion Riflescopes

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While thermal imaging has been around for decades, it wasn’t really until recently that you could purchase good thermal products at affordable prices. The thermal imaging you see through a monocular or riflescope is actually based on the heat an object gives off. Measured by a micro bolometer, the capability and quality of images you can see through these optics have to be seen to be believed.

Extravision Australia import the Pulsar range of scopes and monoculars and the latest addition to the thermal imaging riflescope range are the Pulsar Thermion riflescopes with a heat signature detection range of up to 1800 metres. Offering state of the art design and the latest in advanced technology, these scopes offer a 30mm main tube and look very similar to a standard riflescope in shape and size, unlike older models that were quite bulky. Easy to mount using standard riflescope rings they are also capable of video and still photo recording, with the added advantage of variable digital zoom and a selection of variable magnifications depending on the model you choose. More to come in an up and coming issue on these thermal-imaging riflescopes. In the mean time if you’d like to find out more or check out the video on these riflescopes visit www.extravision.com.au


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