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Stealth Cam
Stealth Cam

Well known in the USA for their fine range of trail cameras, Stealth Cam continue to come up with new technology, leading the way in high quality and very reliable trail camera equipment. With a Stealth Cam trail camera you can get high quality images, 1080P HD video and rock solid performance in a variety of options to choose from.

Starting with their QS Series in a selection of models, you can choose a camera to suit your budget from 10MP with excellent picture quality and all offering HD quality video. Next are cellular cameras that work on virtually any GSM network in the word, however, here in Australia, they are constructed to work with our networks which include Telstar 3G, allowing you complete control of the camera via a free Stealth Cam Remote App. Finally, their DS4K is the worlds first 4K digital trail camera offering 30MP high resolution still images and ultra high definition video with crisp, clear audio. This camera is equipped with dual image sensors, one for low-light night-time images and the other for hi-res. Daytime photos and video.

Stealth Cam offer an excellent selection of Trail Cameras to suit your budget, ask to them at your local gun shop or visit


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