Swarovski EL Range TA Binocular

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Swarovski EL Range TA
Swarovski EL Range TA

The EL Range binoculars by Swarovski Optik are widely used by guides and serious hunters offering the capability to accurately range an object while offering crystal clear, edge to edge clarity. Now, ten years after its launch Swarovski Optik offer the EL Range with Tracking Assist (TA), a new top of the range binocular that combines Swarovision technology with digital intelligence.

The EL Range TA delivers razor-sharp images with precision distance and angle measurement from 10 to 2,000 meters - that’s 2180 yards. Add to this, these binoculars can be individually configured, using a smartphone app customised with your own ballistics data. Shot accuracy is ensured by factoring in atmospheric data such as air pressure and temperature and by displaying the adjusted shooting distance and the clicks needed on the ballistics turret of a Swarovski Optik riflescope. The programme works via the EL Range Configurator app on the EL Range TA or on a smartphone. The new EL Range TA binoculars are available in the choice of 8 or 10 x 42. For further details ask at your nearest Swarovski Optik authorised dealer or visit www.swarovskioptik.com


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