The New Zeiss Victory SF 32 Line

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Zeiss has just released their new VICTORY SF 32 Binoculars in 8 and 10 x 32 with loads of features and a new ergonomic design. To find out more ask at your local gun shop or visit

The ZEISS Victory® SF binoculars allow you to experience the most exciting hunting moments as never before. The optical perfection, the unparalleled field of view, the revolutionary ergonomics and the ultra-light design make this model the best all-purpose binoculars ever built by ZEISS. Experience the ZEISS Victory SF family as the most versatile premium binoculars in the company’s 170-year history.

A large field of view is essential for spotting game as it enables you to cover large areas faster and to see small movements at the edge of the viewing field. Thanks to the combination of the ErgoBalance concept and its optimal weight distribution the ZEISS SF 32 is the perfect companion for stalk hunting.  

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