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Victory Knives From NZ
Victory Knives From NZ

Victory Knives are a product of New Zealand and have been around for over 80 years. They are widely used by butchers and the marine industry and have a reputation for superior quality, corrosion resistance and edge retention. Victory offer a range of knifes for divers and underwater applications like shell fishing, filleting knives for the fisherman, scalers and even a cut resistant glove for professional boners and the odd clumsy skinner like me.

For outdoorsmen like the pro shooter or simply a hunter who wants to take home a little venison or other game meat, they also offer a wide range of skinning, boning and flaying knives that I assure you won’t break the bank, yet are capable of doing the job with minimal fuss. This range of knives feature stainless steel blades that are quite flexible and come in a huge assortment of blade configuration to suit your requirements. Featuring the familiar white or blue plastic, non-slip grip they require very little maintenance and only need a simple touch up on a steel to make them razor sharp again.

Victory also makes a carbon steel range constructed of Japanese carbon steel and featuring the choice of wood or black plastic grips. The victory range of knives are indeed a workhorse at a very reasonable price in my opinion. Ask to see the full range at your local gun shop or visit Trade enquiries to email;


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