WIN a GARMIN eTrex10

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GARMIN E-Tex10 GPS Navigator
GARMIN E-Tex10 GPS Navigator

While the eTrex10 offers a host of navigational features, all I wanted was something that would get me back to camp if I lost my way. Offering a long battery life with simple to use interface the eTrex10 is part of a range of models, each designed with specific additions.

Whether I’m out on the quad bike in the flat country out West or in thick scrub chasing deer down South, the eTrex 10 allows me to add waypoints and offers a trail to where I’m going and back again.

This rugged, compact unit also offers navigation via GPS and GLONASS satellites, compass, trip computer and more. Sporting Shooter magazine is giving away one of these units each month through the new Bacon Busters Photo Comp. All you need to do to enter is send us your favourite pig hunting photo (JPEG or PNG). For further details see the inside back cover of any recent issue of Sporting Shooter magazine.

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