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In addition to a fine range firearms, did you know that Winchester produce a large range of gun care products to maintain your firearms. While a basic compact kit will take care of business in the field, they also produce a 68 piece Super Deluxe Universal Gun Care Kit, a 32 piece Universal Kit, a 22 piece Pistol kit and even a Super Deluxe 62 piece kit that comes packaged in a made to measure Aluminium case.
My biggest problem when cleaning a firearm is finding the right brush for the right calibre when needed, as I tend to leave them lying around the workbench. The Winchester 68 or 32 piece cleaning kit comes packaged in a soft sided case with removable bandoliers and accessories pouches so everything has its specific place and is easy to locate. The 68 piece Super Deluxe Universal Kit offers everything from brushes to mops, adaptors to picks, jags and cloths and the list goes on. What I like most, however, is the fact that brushes and mops are separated in clear tubes so they are easy to locate. In addition, both Universal Kits comes complete with a 3-piece solid brass rod and machined aluminium handle. Whether its shotgun, pistol, rimfire or centrefire, these kits are ideal for maintaining your firearms and a sensible way to ensure everything’s at easy reach. See them at your local gun store or visit

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