Available in 10 x 42, this new model features Wi Fi, weather station, strong laser detection, better glass and built-in Applied industries Elite ballistic software.

Ridgeline has recently redesigned their packs in a useful range of sizes for the day hunter in 25L capacity, a 35L Day Hunter Plus pack and the 45L Hybrid Trek for extended hunting trips.

A very high specced, top of the line Vortex binocular for hunting.

Made in Austria, they are of roof prism design with straight tube and perfect for all-round hunting.

You can now live stream what’s being seen via a Zeiss Hunting App or to do data transfer from the thermal imaging camera to your smart phone using WiFi.

Some Peltor models also offer the ability of Bluetooth connection of other devices with voice guided menus.

The new Mino offers shooters an affordable way to experience comprehensive digital electronic hearing protection.

This scope is special because it comes with 6 separate ballistic turrets supplied and calibrated for a variety of calibres and set velocities.

Weighing 37 grams, the Pack-Lite Scalpel is one of the lightest knives on the market.

ARB has recently introduced the Slide Kitchen that is ideal for use when camped out on extended hunting trips.

Watch out for these great new, high-performance torch kits in your local gunshop.

Bushman is water, sweat and rub resistant with a pleasant, neutral odour.

This Klarus is a "little giant" in performance, innovation and features and every hunter out there running a mobile phone, computer or tablet will find multiple uses for this terrific product.

Sharpening a knife is just something you should know how to do, kind of like breathing... In this video we show you how to use sharpeners to tune up and sharpen a variety of knives.