The Viper HD is “O” ring sealed and Argon gas purged to prevent moisture and dust penetration, so all are water, fog and dust proof.

The Pro Hunt soft shell jacket has been designed for all-day use and hence a little lighter in weight.

Fleecy gear and the likes is a bit much for any hunter to be trekking around in during the summer. Enter Ridgeline Sable Airflow garments.

The Night Prowler bipod is available in 6”-9” or 9”-13” and felt of sturdy design yet very lightweight compared to other models.

Updating at 4X per second in HyperScan mode, the KILO2000 rangefinder with patented LightWave™ DSP technology is amazingly fast as well.

The Winchester 68 piece Super Deluxe Universal Kit offers everything from brushes to mops, adaptors to picks, jags and cloths and the list goes on.

Made from a thick 3mm premium thermoset elastomer fabric, ARB’s Seat Skin covers provide an excellent and firm fit.

Tension controlled vertical and horizontal swivelling action that offers fast, accurate, point and shoot accuracy in almost any direction.

Their entry- level unit, the Deadbone, comes standard with 15 high quality Foxpro sounds with the ability to play two sounds at once.

Nowadays time-poor hunters capitalise on surveillance to multiply their chances while they are off site.

The glass-etched reticle offers shooters highly functional, intuitive, and detailed hold points.

Makes adjusting tyre pressure a fast and simple excersize thanks to its large, easy to read digital blue backlight display.

When required all you need do is swing and shoot.

The Rocking Airgun Target it comes fully assembled and ready to take a plink at. Made of 2mm thick steel the target is suitable for all model air guns including magnum powered hunting airguns.

I have been wearing my Lindner classic Thick Full Cushioned Wool Black/Bottle/Khaki socks and my feet are thanking me for it.