Provides an all in one package for the lone hunter when out spotlighting from your vehicle.

The Adventure Light 600 is a must have around camp or in the home for emergency lighting.

With peel-off self-adhesive backs you can easily attach them to a larger sheets or cardboard boxes.

Feedback from readers who received them has been that they loved all the features.

An advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100% of the rated load with no slippage.

Plus, the Anthracite-coloured adaptor is extremely light yet very rugged thanks to the use of its fibreglass-reinforced polymer construction.

The Eliminator III can calculate and zero in on game out to 1097 plus metres.

It features a highly visible orange/black handle with grippy over-mould to keep you in control when things are a little messy.

It is not too big or unwieldy, with a nice drop-point, guthook, full-tang blade with a lovely curved sweeping belly.

Ridgeline recently sent me a pair of Arapahoe boots to test and I was amazed at how lightweight they were.

Where Rinella shines for all hunters is in two universally applicable spheres; practical hunting strategies and field dressing and butchering the animal you shoot.

Now a whole lot easier with the addition of a T-handle for easier pull-through.

There’s even a Side Mount at 45degree angle that will fit on a picatinny rail if you’d like to ad a Red Dot to your scope mount set-up.

A powerful handheld thermal device, a camera, and a dual-mode, 300 lumen flashlight.

The Fenix 5 Plus is a premium multi-sport GPS watch with loads of features for the health conscious, outdoors people and others.

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