Gun Law

I recently represented two shooters who were charged with possession and use of firearms in the Victorian Alpine National Park. They had been confused by the signage.

Australia has, via the approach adopted, caused a wound to the National psyche that is not healing- shooters remain isolated and angry.

As with all aspects of life, prevention is often the best course, and firearms owners are best served by not making assumptions, and by handling your firearms in all instances according to a drill.

Dealing with home invaders is a bit like situations where people try to catch snakes- there is a big risk of being bitten. Here, the risk of being bitten comes not only from the perpetrator, but also the Police.

I believe this confused state results from the disconnect between Police / Registry demands and the legislation.

My experience is that the Registry 'cherry pick' decisions that justify a negative outcome for shooters.

We need to be aware that if they continue to flood the system with hopeless appeals, they shall, via further interpretation of the legislation, only serve to make the matter worse and not better.

Although ultimately a matter for the legislature’, ‘the evidence suggests the desirability for continuing to include suppressors in category R may be questionable, especially when all of the other firearms in the category are military grade weapons

Unfortunately, unlike the operation of a boat or car, prescribed minimum levels have not been applied to the amount of alcohol permitted to be consumed.

What are the storage requirements for firearms when traveling in, or away from home in Victoria?

You know how to store guns at home, and when travelling, but what do you do when you reach your holiday destination….

A toy importer who has been charged with 20 counts of possession of unauthorised prohibited firearm and possession of an unauthorised pistol.

I spend a lot of time explaining to people why they should not make a statement to the Police.

Simon Munslow closes his three part article. The articles break down the tedious application process of applying for a silencer.

Simon Munslow produces a three part article that breaks down the tedious application process of applying for a silencer.