Simons message to the Firearms Registry after the floods

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Those who read my blogs know what I think about Australia’s firearms laws,  which is not very much.  The NSW Registry recently surprised me, in that I received a PTA back from processing within two weeks of mailing, which is an excellent processing time, although I confess I would prefer a legislative regime that lacked the un-necessary intrusion of a PTA.

Sadly, I suspect processing times are about to suffer as a result of the floods on the NSW North Coast, that have severely impacted Murwillumbah.

I am not aware if the flooding directly effected the structure of the Registry, however, the impact of home damage can be expected to affect staff at the Registry, and thus impact it indirectly.

Some staff may have lost or had homes damaged, and others may have been either directly or indirectly effected by this traumatic experience.

As a former public sector lawyer and manager, I can pretty much guarantee that what Murwillumbah has experienced will impact Registry processing times, because of the need for effected staff to take special leave in order to reconstruct their lives and those of loved ones.

I ask that at the moment we all take care to separate the individual from the problem, and treat staff with particular courtesy, and exercise patience.

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