Gun Law

I assume that the person who wrote the legislation would have had a view that the holder of a Firearms Dealers Licence, or Club Armourer somehow has special skills, however, most holders of these licences do not, and are NOT gunsmiths.

Feeney v Qld Police Service (Weapons Licensing Branch) 2017 QCAT 203 is the latest in a line of cases dealing with the vexed question of possession of Category H licences by either farmers or those assisting farmers with pest extermination.

Robert Borsak delivered a scathing speech in NSW Parliament on the conduct of the review of the NSW Firearms Regulation and the Weapons Prohibition Regulation

This document shows at best ignorance of, and at worst contempt for good governance, together with contempt for law abiding shooters in NSW.

A draft letter that you may like to share, modify and use to prepare a letter for your MP.

I was recently approached by a Queenslander who was cautioned on a firearms safety awareness course about the practice of Queensland Police treating a loaded magazine as a firearm. Can they do this? Do they do this?

What to do when a firearm owner dies or suffers dementia? The first thing to note is that there are particular provisions in most of the Firearms and Weapons Acts dealing with the death of a licence holder.

My awareness of the issue of firearms ‘appearing’ to be military firearms first became an issue in Western Australia about three years ago in respect to the Savage 110BA

Simon Munslow, solicitor, writer and our ‘Loose Cannon’ answers some questions sent in by the readers.

A Sydney man, has been sentenced to an additional two years’ jail over the possession of Swedish military rifle was identified in a photograph.

To me the ‘Nannyfication’ of Australia’s knife laws is a major irritation. I understand that knifings have become a problem in the community, but I cannot understand why the general population should have to suffer.

How public discretion is another tool that can be used against you.

I ask that at the moment we all take care to separate the individual from the problem, and treat staff with particular courtesy, and exercise patience.

Under what circumstances can a hunter shoot a target when on private land?

One of the concepts that shooters have a lot of difficulty getting their head around is being a ‘fit and proper person’.