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Sierra has recently introduced a new line of hunting bullets referred to as the Game Changer Series. I’m told this new line of bullets are designed to combine match-bullet accuracy with highly effective performance on game. The way these bullets are constructed is simply a re-engineered Sierra MatchKing projectile that has been modified with a new hollow point cavity and tipped with a green synthetic tip for smooth chambering, improved aeroballistic flight and instant expansion on impact. Add to this improved ogive for excellent ballistic coefficient


Sierra Game Changer Bullets - green-tipped
Sierra Game Changer Bullets - green-tipped


This new Sierra GameChanger projectile also features a Boat-Tail design for stable flight and accuracy out yonder and its open pocket, hollow point design with synthetic tip and tough copper jacket for controlled expansion and weight retention, will expand the lead core on impact with devastating results. I’m told at present they are available in 90gr 6mm, 130gr 6.5mm, 140gr .270 cal., 165gr 7mm. and 165gr .30 cal. All are available in boxes of 50 or 100 projectiles.

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