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big game overseas »

Canadian whitetail

Up in Canada the locals often shoot whitetail from stands. Native Aussie Bec Rohr hunts there on her working sojourns to the land of ice hockey and the maple leaf.

goats »

The Walk Of Shame

David Kendrick -walk of shame 1

Barrel is hot and goats are shot - in scores.

small game »

Flushing rabbits

A great day's hunting is possible using ferrets and shotguns.

big game australia »

How To Hunt The Red Stag

There have probably been more arguments than deer shot, over when exactly the rut or roar actually starts.

pigs »

Hunting Cape York boars

Tony Kamphorst and his mates make frequent trips to Cape York chasing big pigs like this one.

Tony Kamphorst is a dead-keen hunter who gets up to Cape York a lot, bowhunting for pigs.

predators »

Aim small, miss small

Aim small 1

Doesn't matter if you have an elephant gun with you. Shoot that fox.

wing shooting »

Lucky Dip Opening

Ducks on the wing presenting good targets around the water holes.

With no serious rain falling over our neck of the woods for several months duck season was beginning to look grim, very grim indeed. Words and pics Leon Wright.

news »

Wilsons Promontory hog deer cull a success

Accredited members of the ADA and SSAA recently teamed up to remove 42 hog deer from Wilson Promontory National Park.

The ADA and SSAA have teamed up to show that recreational hunters can be part of the solution when wild deer are a problem.