Precision Rifle Cleaning

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A very through rifle cleaning reference video.

Video Index

This week we cover how to clean a bolt action precision rifle.

Clearing 02:05
Bore Guide 04:50
Cleaning Rod Selection 07:20
Parker Hale Jag 09:30
Bore Brushes 10:05
Solvent/Needle Oiler Bottle 11:40
Cheap Patch/Solvent Catcher 12:00
Brushing the Bore 15:55
Cleaning the Bore Brush 19:40
Wet Patching 20:44
Dry Patching 26:27
Oiled Patch? 27:19
Cleaning Interval/Fouled Bore 29:00
Chamber Cleaning 30:25
Receiver Cleaning 34:10
Bolt Cleaning 34:45
Function Check 45:00
Quick Post-Firing Cleaning 46:30 

Rifle Description:
Remington 700 SPS-Varmint .308 Win
Bell & Carlson Light Tactical Stock
Timney 510 Trigger
Eagle Stock Pack
Seekins Precision Base
Seekins Precision Rings
Falcon Menace 4-14x44FFP Scope

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