Hunting Skills

This book is a tribute to rusa deer and by far the most comprehensive account.

Ryan Cleckner shows you how to properly set up your rifle and scope combination so that it naturally aligns with your eye.

A very through rifle cleaning reference video.

This is the most detailed and in-depth Deer butchery video going.

This minimalist, beautifully conceived shelter has never let me down.

David Hughes microbiologist hunter gives invaluable advice for field butchery and keeping quality of your hard-won deer.

Taking night photos of your hunting camps.

How to cape deer for shoulder mounts - Step by step guide

Steve Spiekman has gone full circle, reigniting his affair with this .30-Cal pocket powerhouse.

Making Gourmet Venison Sausages

I asked Ted Mitchell Snr, AKA The Deermaster, to educate newer deer hunters, so they can get a jump on the next rut, or clean up at the end of this season. It is gold!

Reid's great 12-pointer gave him a serious case of 'buck fever', the hunter's malaise.

Col Allison and friends use their knowledge of tracking and understanding of game sign to deck some top shelf trophy billy goats out west.

Do: Prioritize with boots, base layer & outer shell. Don’t: Get sucked in to marketing hype- keep it simple.

I hit the MPBR tab on the program and computed the trajectory in 50 metre increments out to 500metres and – bingo!