Hunting Skills

Reid's great 12-pointer gave him a serious case of 'buck fever', the hunter's malaise.

Col Allison and friends use their knowledge of tracking and understanding of game sign to deck some top shelf trophy billy goats out west.

Do: Prioritize with boots, base layer & outer shell. Don’t: Get sucked in to marketing hype- keep it simple.

I hit the MPBR tab on the program and computed the trajectory in 50 metre increments out to 500metres and – bingo!

Martin Auldist shows us a few simple ways to improve our hunting photographs.

A clean rifle is a reliable rifle.

Be safe when out shooting under the spotlight.

On-line editor, Martin Auldist, presents a step-by-step photographic guide to skinning and butchering rabbits for the table.

Here Peter guides us to use the most basic tools to put amazingly sharp edges on your knives.

The maker of the now-famous Silva Fox Whistle tells us how he practices the art.

Until I learned when, where, and how to work a stand, I rarely caught a glimpse of a sambar stag. In the end patience paid off.

Leon Wright has long yearned to hunt foxes with one of his 20 gauge shotguns. When he finally got around to it, he found it most satisfying!

Here Marcus O'Dean shows us a time-honoured method to disrobe a reynard.

The Editor shares his experiences and lessons learnt in six year of concentrated fox whistling.