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Dogs, hogs, guns and frogs

New member of the Sporting Shooter team Christie Pisani gives us a rap up of her 2015 trip to the Gulf.

New member of the team Christie Pisani gives us a wrap up of her 2015 trip the the Gulf.

Bedded Boar Hunt

Alex and the arrowed boar.

Get in close when bowhunting pigs.

Hunting Humour - Gotta Go

Gotta go opener

Funny circumstances dictate missed opportunities when a hunter attends to personal hygeine.

When a Boar is not a Simply a Boar

Misha harding - Pig and Recipe

Some great history and tips for the pig hunter.

Mountain Pigs

Mountain Pigs 1

The good oil on hunting mountain pigs.

Floodplain Monsters

You can't keep a Queenslander down. Steven Spiekman is back onto huge hogs in this great story.

A Bit Of Hunting On The Side

Most pigs were found close to isolated waterholes such as this one.

Martin Auldist took time out with his family for a hot holiday, with some hunting squeezed in for good measure.

Billies For Boar Bait

Alex snapped a pic of these two pigs as they moved back into cover.

Alex dropped some goats as a favour to a farmer. On his next visit they had attracted some other feral visitors...

Batting boars

Alex went out to hunt a pig but did not bet on having to make a leg glance stroke on a boar's snout with his bow.

Long walk pays off

Nando Sciacca persisted patiently to finally nab this great boar. His story inspires the average hunter.

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The Walk Of Shame

David Kendrick -walk of shame 1

Barrel is hot and goats are shot - in scores.