Articles from Sporting Shooter magazine on hunting pigs.

Hunting Cape York boars

Tony Kamphorst and his mates make frequent trips to Cape York chasing big pigs like this one.

Tony Kamphorst is a dead-keen hunter who gets up to Cape York a lot, bowhunting for pigs.

Dogs, hogs, guns and frogs

New member of the Sporting Shooter team Christie Pisani gives us a rap up of her 2015 trip to the Gulf.

New member of the team Christie Pisani gives us a wrap up of her 2015 trip the the Gulf.

Bedded Boar Hunt

Alex and the arrowed boar.

Get in close when bowhunting pigs.

Hunting Humour - Gotta Go

Gotta go opener

Funny circumstances dictate missed opportunities when a hunter attends to personal hygeine.

When a Boar is not a Simply a Boar

Misha harding - Pig and Recipe

Some great history and tips for the pig hunter.

Mountain Pigs

Mountain Pigs 1

The good oil on hunting mountain pigs.

Floodplain Monsters

You can't keep a Queenslander down. Steven Spiekman is back onto huge hogs in this great story.

A Bit Of Hunting On The Side

Most pigs were found close to isolated waterholes such as this one.

Martin Auldist took time out with his family for a hot holiday, with some hunting squeezed in for good measure.

Billies For Boar Bait

Alex snapped a pic of these two pigs as they moved back into cover.

Alex dropped some goats as a favour to a farmer. On his next visit they had attracted some other feral visitors...

Batting boars

Alex went out to hunt a pig but did not bet on having to make a leg glance stroke on a boar's snout with his bow.

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The Walk Of Shame

David Kendrick -walk of shame 1

Barrel is hot and goats are shot - in scores.