Aussie Hunters Show of Hearts fundraiser

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Aussie Hunters Show of Hearts was formed by Raf Dimachki, Shanna Finis & All the Members of Duck & Quail Hunting Australia who are not only trying to keep their Family Traditions of Hunting Alive for the Generations to come but also to show Australia "We have Good Hearts" and that we as a group can make a difference to the lives of many Children & families who may find themselves in need of "The Royal Children's Hospital"

Aussie Hunters and those who are among the members of Duck and Quail Hunting Australia are everyday people in the community, some are teachers, some are tradesman, some are business owners, mums & dads - who all deserve the right to pass on their Traditions to their Children and be proud of their Values, but most importantly to remain respectful to those who may not understand or agree with our Tradition - Respect for All!

Aussie Hunters - Make us PROUD, Dig Deep & Lets make this our new Tradition - We believe in Our Traditions and our Hearts "Lets Show Australia"

Raf, Shanna & All the Members of Duck & Quail Hunting Australia & Beyond.

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