Cat-Fox Tango

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Cat-fox tango

I went out for a walk before bed and took the .17 HMR with the scope-mounted torch. I spotted two foxes who promptly parted company in opposite directions. After checking the wind, I followed one and tried to stay down wind of it. Eventually I thought I’d lost him and had almost decided to give up and chase the second one when I got a brief eye shine in the next paddock. A quick look through the scope identified not a fox, but a cat!

I quickly settled in to a comfortable position over the bipod, set the crosshairs just above the shoulders and squeezed off the shot. I was rewarded with a solid ‘thud’ but not an immediate kill. After she had done a few cartwheels and some circle work, I was able to deliver the fatal shot.

I was just standing up to go collect my kill when who should come roaring in to see what all the commotion was but the fox I had been stalking!

He realised a moment too late that things weren’t all kosher in Denmark and I managed to drop him too. I stepped out 150 metres to the cat and 'guestimated' about the same for the fox, by far my best two shots with the CZ .17 HMR to date. I did eventually locate the other fox but couldn't get a safe shot at it so was happy to call it quits with a cat and a fox for the night.

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