Katters Western Shoot and abolishing gun registration

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Bob Katter recently took part in a western shoot at SSAA Queenslands Mareeba range. Bob spent some time shooting at the range with pistol, rifle and shotgun. His pistol ability did not go unnoticed by the club. They want him to come back for a day’s competition.

Cairns News Org reported he joked that this might be the best way to bring the banks into line.

Bob says KAP is the only party in Queensland that wants to do away with firearms registration which has been a long-held policy.

The veteran politician warns that if the Labor Party gets re-elected in Queensland with a majority, the state’s 600,000 shooters will be faced with restrictions on ammunition sales and even tighter restrictions on gun ownership. He says the ALP and LNP simply hate guns.

Katters Comments on the National Firearms Agreement


Mr Katter said these impose a number of new and significant restrictions on licenced shooters.

“The minister indicated he remained committed to the NFA implemented by John Howard, but this would seem to contradict the government’s position, which is to significantly increase restrictions on licenced shooters.

“The minister’s comments show the government’s stealth attack on law-abiding firearm owners.”

He said because there had been a lack of consultation before signing the new NFA, details on what had been agreed to were only now emerging.

Changes would ban some types of weapons that are currently legal, limit the amount of ammunition a licenced shooter can purchase – which would include professional shooters competing at the upcoming Commonwealth Games – and make it more difficult for all licenced shooters to purchase weapons.

“The KAP will be fighting any changes that hurt licenced shooters, including blocking any legislation or regulations that are brought into Parliament by the government,” he said.

Mr Katter said it was only just becoming clear how extensive the changes were, and how much they could impact licenced shooters.

“I’m concerned that licensing processes will become even less efficient, and it will make it incredibly difficult for professional shooters to maintain their livelihood or remain competitive in their sport.”

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