The Military Rifle Clubs Association hosted a very well attended fun three-position walkdown shoot for recreational scoped rifle users and died-in-the-wool training rifle owners on Saturday 8th July last.

Highlights for the 86 shooters were the glorious weather, the good representation of junior shooters and ladies and the fact that it attracted all skill levels of shooter.  Most of all was the participation as major sponsor by Winchester Australia, who on the day was represented by NSW State Marketing Rep, Matt Cirson. Matt had had a tough morning travelling and attending other functions across Sydney's nightmare traffic, but he was blown away by the great feel and happiness evident at "the Bushman" and gave a heartfelt speech at the prizegiving.

Winchester sponsored a raft of performance based prizes for category winners, like Mark Guest of Alpine Rifle Club who shot 150.27 /150.30 in open scoped catgory, while keen hunter Paul Wilkes shot 148.22 with his father's pre-WW2 Mauser hunting rifle to win iron sighted category. Other category wins were in Veteran over 70, Women's and Juniors, all of whom scored in excess of 140 on the day.

One of the reasons we got such good attendance though was the Winchester-sponsored grand raffle prize of a CZ 455 Standard Rifle in .22LR. Any entrant, regardless of their shooting ability, could have won it and on the day Mudgee SSAA member Ned Giglich took home the rifle. editor and accomplished photographer and video producer, Michael Gibson, made this lovely youtube record of the event. Thankyou Michael and thankyou to Matt Cirson and Winchester Australia, who have committed to supporting the event again in 2018.

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